Stomp hits Bournemouth Pavilion with a bang – 5/08/14

I turned to my friend whilst waiting for the Theatre Doors to open and asked “What is Stomp – is it dance, music, a musical or what?” and she merely replied “It’s hard to describe really – it’s just Stomp!”

The Stomp crew performing outside Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth - Photo by Justin Parry
The Stomp crew performing outside Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth – Photo by Justin Parry

All was about to be revealed as the theatre darkened and the stage was lit. The show exploded at the seams with rhythm and dance, and everyday objects such as brooms and lighters were transformed into magnificent sounding musical instruments.

The stage beamed with energy, passion, excitement, humour, immaculate timing, clever routines and the music of life – this is what Stomp is all about!

The set looked like an old steam train and was fantastic. I was blown away by the performers’ abilities to make anything from a kitchen sink to a box of matches blast a beat that sounded that extraordinary.

The newspaper scene was cleverly funny whilst not giving room for too much cheesiness.

The athletic and passionate performers brought a new lease of life to objects you would never know could create such fine acoustics. Their clever and well rehearsed routines fused the elements of dance, music and street performance into a frenzy of noise, beat and rhythm, with an open invitation for the audience to join the party!

That was exactly what we did too! We laughed, danced, clapped beats to mirror the performers and fully embraced everything that made up Stomp. Now I shall be heading home to make some beats with my saucepans!

Words by Wendy Imashev

Photography by Justin Parry

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