Inside Out Dorset Festival and a performance of Boo

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Inside Out Dorset Festival and a performance of Boo by CirkVost on Friday 12th September.

The Boo outdoor structure
The Boo outdoor structure

Inside Out Dorset Festival has been running since 2005 and has presented high quality, large-scale, outdoor arts events to more than 85,000 people. Removing the barriers that can make art intimidating to some, Inside Out Dorset brings together incredible artistic work and combines it with beautiful, inspiring Dorset locations, creating a great arts festival for all.

The Boo artists doing some wire performance
The Boo artists doing some wire performance

The launch was a taster of what there was to come as part of the festival. Now in mid swing, there is just four days of excitement left for all of the family. So even if you’ve missed out on the performances so far, there’s still time to be dazzled. Head over to the Activate Performing Arts Festival website for more information on what’s on.

Now for the performance of Boo by CirkVost…

It was a unique show in so many senses of the word. What appealed to me was that it was an aerial performance on a 15 metre high bamboo open air structure that looked stunning. Although the performance had no clear story I was amused and charmed by the handful of French aerial artists as they performed above my head against the evening sky.

Although suitable for all of the family, I felt the performers outfits were a bit seductive and revealing for this kind of viewing – although at times this added to the charm!

The performers swung and caught each other, flipped and climbed which impressed me and made me smile. All in all I do think this is the kind of show that should be seen once, although not to everyone’s taste.

It was clear from their performances that the aerial artists had trained and worked hard for these performances and for that I take my hat off to them! We discovered later in a question session with them that they practice all of the choreography without the structure, and the first time they had worked with it was when they arrived for the festival. For that they have my complete respect.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you all missed during Boo:

Words and photography by Michelle Stannard
Video by Christy Boxall


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