On The Piste – fancy some chilly comedy?

As a fan of both winter sports and comedy I thought that John Godber’s play, On The Piste would be just the thing to give me an warming giggle.


Produced by the John Godber Company and Theatre Royal in Wakefield, On The Piste follows the story of two couples on skiing holidays at Chamonix, their relationships between themselves and with others at their resort and some steamy affairs (and I’m not just talking metaphorically either).

With a cast of just five including Coronation Street’s Samantha Seager and Emmerdale’s Roxanne Pallet, On The Piste provided laughs, wolf whistles (some of the older audience members got so excited I thought they might explode) and a decent but easy to follow storyline.

Tom Rooke was my largest source of entertainment with his super cheesy French accent and his cheeky presence throughout the performance. Teaching the couples to put their skiis on tickled me for most of the show. I really did think they couldn’t have chosen someone more perfect for the role!

Roxanne Pallet also played a ditzy girlfriend and ski virgin really well and genuinely provided plenty of laughs throughout the show. She’s a snowball of joy!

The performance made great use of the stage by reusing boxes for different settings such as a picnic area, a sauna and a ski lift. The lighting was also done really well and there were really ski-esque looking fairy lights hanging from the stage and a moving screen background behind each set.

Although the story takes an unexpected turn at the end, I really enjoyed the show. I was provided with some light laughs and smiles and I’d definitely recommend the show if you like something a little different.

Words by Michelle Stannard

Photos courtesy of the Lighthouse, Poole


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