AllUsOnDrugs and Lonely The Brave gig review – Talking Heads, Southampton

Fans at the Southampton gig would have been left a little downhearted by the news that the Marmozets’ Becca had lost her voice, but it didn’t stop them packing out the venue to get involved with co-headliner, Lonely the Brave.

Lonely The Brave
Lonely The Brave
All Us On Drugs
All Us On Drugs















Much of this was forgotten, as hiding away down the pecking order, AllUsOnDrugs threatened to take all the adulation anyway.  I can truly say that I was in no way prepared for how quite dynamic and bluntly upfront the music would come across.  The band themselves righteously didn’t give a shit, there was no time for subtlety and it was this dynamic that simply won everyone over.  There was no, not being a part of it, even if you hated it, it was impossible to ignore!

Each song played straight to a point and quite easily and blended the blistering power and screaming with quite, intelligently written melancholy.  There was an obvious nod to Nirvana given that the lead singer could easily have doubled for him in his day, but this reinventing of grunge shows that there really can be life in the old lumbering beast.

At the other end of the spectrum of sociability, David Jakes (of Lonely The Brave) isn’t quite the type to throw sweat at the crowd, instead he cuts a solemn figure which delves into some of the richest lyrics to have ever been put to music. ‘Call of Horses’ and ‘Victory Line’ started and engaged the crowd on a more sobering level but it was with ‘Trick of the Light’ that it began to start feeling really special.

There was no extravagance or pretence here, just simple execution of fantastic written and constructed songs.  The searing ‘The Blue, The Green’ came in before ending with ‘Backroads’ to cap an almost perfect night.

For more photos from the gig check out our Flickr page.

Words and photography by Justin Parry


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