ColourMe Wellies – hours of colouring fun!

Last year we met the lovely team behind the ingenious ‘ColourMe Wellies‘. The creators of this delightful footwear are none other than Bournemouth based specialist rainwear designer and wholesalers, el RHEY. Their el RHEY Kids label offers an original and creative children’s rainwear collection which includes the totally awesome ‘ColourMe Wellies’.

ColourMe Wellies
ColourMe Wellies

So what are ColourMe Wellies?

ColourMe Wellies are fun, fresh and functional customisable wellington boots for kids that are set to redefine rainy days forever! Available in two designs; a moth and a zebra, kids are encouraged to let rip on their creativity and colour in the designs with the 3 vibrant water resistant pens that come free with the wellies.

ColourMe Wellies are available in sizes 11 to 1 and with the right level of demand we’re hoping that they’ll be able to develop some adult wellies too!

Make a splash with ColourMe Wellies. Check out their website to buy yours or to find out more about these brilliant creations.


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