Crossfaith, Coldrain and Silent Screams give an explosive show in Manchester

The evening was the 24th November 2014 at the Manchester Academy 2 and it was time for the Crossfaith Apocalyze Now Tour!

Crossfaith. Photography by Gary Brown.
Crossfaith. Photography by Gary Brown.

I walked into the venue unfamiliar with some of the bands in the line up for the evening, yet I could tell by the atmosphere from the crowd that something good was coming. Only getting my photo pass after the first band Cytota, I was unable to see them. Yet as I got into the stage room as they left the stage they had definitely warmed up the crowd. Everyone was screaming and chanting and the excitement for what had just been and what was to come was very apparent.

Coldrain. Photography by Gary Brown.
Coldrain. Photography by Gary Brown.

So first up for me was Coldrain, a 5 piece screamo alternative metal band from Japan. They hit the stage with lots of adrenalin and increasing the excitement for the rest of the night by conversing with the crowd encouraging them to jump and scream as loud as vocalist Masato.

The band kicked off with ‘The Revelation’ and the crowd responded to Masato’s encouragements, as the whole place was immediately bouncing. Coldrain where excellent throughout the whole gig and I couldn’t help but bounce myself, as I walked up and down the photo pit.

Next up was Silent Screams a tattooed 5 piece Metalcore band from Coventry. Straight away they hit the stage with presence and the extremely heavy hardcore sound any Metal lover thrives.

Silent Screams. Photography by Gary Brown.
Silent Screams. Photography by Gary Brown.

Speed, intricate guitar, plenty of double bass from the drummer and a deep growl from the vocalists made this an outstanding performance from Silent Screams. Vocalist Joel Heywood originally from Manchester himself, called on his fellow Mancunian’s to start a circle pit which erupted creating an electric atmosphere in the mosh pit. It truly was a sight to see.

And finally the headline act everyone was waiting for, Crossfaith. This 5 piece Electronicore band from Japan waited patiently backstage whilst heavy electronic dance music played including a female voice that counted down to the start of the set every couple of minutes. This track went on for 10 minutes and really built up the anticipation for Crossfaith to begin. And then…it began!

Crossfaith. Photography by Gary Brown.
Crossfaith. Photography by Gary Brown.

One by one the band entered the stage jumping up on to a platform at the front of the stage, and each performing a unique pose for the crowd which made the crowd respond with screams.

Kicking off with ‘We Are The Future’, they set the tone for the evening and the tone was high tempo, high energy and quality metal music that you have to experience to appreciate the full impact. The adrenaline ran through everyone there including band member Tamano Terufumi who went diving into the crowd.

The whole evening just felt good and all the bands where excellent and a must see if you ever get the chance.

To see more photographs from the gig check out our Flickr page.

Words and photography by Gary Brown

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