5 reasons why a trip to Winterville is a must this festive season!

Winterville – the unique Christmas fun-zone well outside the shadow of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. One would assume that Hyde Park would trump any sort of competition, but surprisingly they should watch out as Winterville has proven to be a fierce contender for London’s festive fun-seekers.


Here are five reasons why a trip to Winterville is a must this Winter:

  • THRILLS. Although Victoria Park isn’t necessarily one of London’s largest or most likely to be home to an event like Winterville, it still manages to pack in a few, very thrilling rides which definitely make your heart jump! From the teacups to the Crazy Mouse rollercoaster, there’s certainly something for everyone.
  • FOOD & DRINK. A lot of Christmas events tend to focus solely on the theme of German food and drink, but at Winterville there is such a vast array of influences it’s hard to keep track! Food-wise, you can grab an authentic Spanish paella, a refreshing Greek Falafel, or if you’re really looking for some comfort food from closer to home, a classic box of Fish and Chips.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY. Many events such as this can cost a bomb to do very little. At Winterville, this is not the case at all. So if you’re looking for a place to take the family or a large group of people somewhere for serious Christmassy fun, then this is definitely the place.
  • NO CROWDS. Although Winterville clearly draws a lot of people in every single day, you will never be faced with any dense crowds or queues at any ride or stall. The off-putting element of many theme parks and markets this time of year are the long queues, but at Winterville you can approach and climb onto any ride within a couple of minutes – making more time to go on a second time!
  • SKATING FUN. Not only is Winterville home to a huge outdoor Ice Skating rink, but it also holds a brilliant Roller Disco, which definitely keeps your temperature up in the cold weather! The Ice Skating is a must for couples of all ages (Winterville being a brilliant activity for a first date), and the Roller Disco is a must for anyone who either wants to show off their skills or watch others do so.

At Winterville, you’ll never be without excitement and stimulation. Plus, when you need a time-out, whether it be for a quick break or a generally relaxing night, then you’re never more than 30 seconds away from the nearest bar area. These areas are varied throughout the park; selling drinks from real ales, to mulled wine, to a multitude of spirits. But there’s only one spirit that really stands out at Winterville: and that’s the spirit of Christmas.

You better get your skates on though because you’ve only got until 1st January to visit Winterville, so get yourself over there or you’ll miss out on a Wintery, fun packed Adventure!

Words by Matthew Nicholls

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