Maid Marion steals the show in Poole’s panto of Robin Hood

It’s that time of year again…oh yes it is! Where celebrities and the local community come together to bring magic, laughs and even more laughs to many through pantomimes, and The Lighthouse in Poole is no exception. Their panto this season is Robin Hood and it’s brilliant!

Photo Hattie Miles
Photo: Hattie Miles

As the show began it was immediately obvious that yet again The Lighthouse had done a fantastic job with the sets. With their finely detailed forests all the way through to their houses with windows fit enough for…well the Sheriff of Nottingham to send his tricksters to climb through of course!

The story follows the very charming Robin Hood (Ed Petrie – Marrying Mum and Dad, All Over the Place) on his journey to take on the evil Sheriff of Nottingham (Patrick O’Kane – Game of Thrones, Jamaica Inn) to save the day and along the way he finds the love of his life, Maid Marion (Alicia Woodhouse).

There were sweets thrown (and yes we got a pack – sorry kids!), magic in the form of Fairy Mary (Stephanie Walker) who helped the story along for the younger audience members and of course Gladys Windybottom aka Friar Tuck (Tom Bright – also the pantomime’s Writer and Director) who added some extra wind related humour to the equation.

Robin Hood is one for all of the family and is equally as fun, crazy and hilarious as last year’s pantomime. I take my hat off to Tom Bright who ran with the popular ghost scenario as part of the panto again this year and it worked a treat. The audience were in fits of laughter screaming “He’s behind you!” as Bill (Neil Smye), Ben (Dan Looney), Robin Hood and Friar Tuck walked around being followed by the ghost and disappeared one by one followed by the infamous line “So we’ll have to do it again then, won’t we”.

The dancers in the show were in time and filled the stage with energy, Bill and Ben created charming, humorous and simple characters that had me rolling around with laughter whenever they were on stage and Maid Marion blew me away with her dancing and her haunting voice, which really shone during the toy scene.

I’d highly recommend checking Robin Hood out when you still have the chance. It’s a well choreographed, funny and magical show that the whole family can enjoy. The last performance is tonight, so grab your tickets and get yourself along!

Words by Michelle Stannard

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