Doppelganger put a twist on ‘Jekyll & Hyde’

Last month I had the opportunity to watch Doppelganger Productions show ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ in Boscombe.

Jekyll and Hyde. Photo by Felicity Cromack
Jekyll and Hyde. Photo by Felicity Cromack

This version of Jekyll & Hyde had many twists including the unique fact that it was performed in an unfinished theatre in Boscombe, The Shelley Theatre. I have to say; there’s something about sitting wrapped up in a blanket in a historic building, armed with a hot drink that makes a show feel much more intimate.

Doppelganger’s retelling of the Louis Stevenson classic follows Harriet ‘Harri’ Jekyll (Hermione Halpin), her growing obsession with murderer’s minds and her dangerous relationship with her alter ego, Edward ‘Ned’ Hyde (James Bowden).

This unique spin on the classic tale was created with minimal props and actors, but to give the maximum effect; although Hyde often forgot his lines, but the prompts helped the performance to continue to run smoothly.

Aside from this, the production was flawless with outstanding performances from all of the actors. Especially Hermione Halpin as Jekyll; she really gave her character a strong personality and portrayed the right balance of emotion for the role.

Also Hannaj Bang Bendz as Jacky Makepeace played her character to a tee with intensity that left an eerie atmosphere about her whenever she was in a scene.

A favourite scene of mine was when Jekyll and Hyde were at war with each other and Hyde was trying to get Jekyll to stop killing. The scene was dramatic and intense, and lighting was used to portray darkness by making Hyde look like Jekyll’s shadow. This was very effective in pouring emotion and depth into the scene.

Jekyll and Hyde is very well written by John Foster and very effectively draws the audience into the centre of the action and blood shed. I was immersed in the battling mind of Jekyll and Hyde and so were the rest of my fellow audience members. Hyde paced up and down the aisles of seats engrossing us further and Jekyll, well she drew us in. Right until her very last breath.

Yet again, another huge thumbs up to Doppelganger on their victory in another fine production!

Words by Michelle Stannard




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