Don’t eat that poison laced apple – Snow White on Ice comes to Bournemouth

The Russian Ice Stars returned to Bournemouth’s Pavilion again this spring to bring some extra magic, spins and quacking giggles in their adaptation of the classic fairytale, Snow White.

The fully packed Pavilion still felt a little chilly, but none the less was filled with excited children, their parents, and us – the big kids!

Snow White on Ice

As the lights lowered, soft magical music resounded around the Pavilion as Snow White took to centre stage (or should I say ice). She elegantly sailed across the ice, spinning effortlessly as she did. The Russian Ice Stars definitely did a grand job in selecting their leading lady!

But of course no fairytale would be complete without its villains. In this case that’s the wicked queen, the huntsman and the crow (although he later changes his path). The queen portrayed wicked from her evil grin all the way through to her darker style moves as she skated. She crossed the stage a lot and brushed past her mirror giving it a sideways glance.

All of the skaters did an outstanding job, especially the seven dwarves who were funny, cheeky and filled their routines with character. And when Snow took a bite from that apple of doom, they danced and skated their hearts out.

An extra added quirk to the show was that of two characters, Foie and Gras who were ducks. Their performances made me giggle. They complemented each other really well in their dancing and really embraced their inner ducks.

One thing I do find myself throw a small grumble about is the narrator, Rustie Lee. Although a bubbly fairy and great for the younger children to keep them engaged with the story, I did feel that some of her jokes were on the verge of irritating. That aside, her interview with one of the ducks had the audience, including myself, in hysterics.

All in all, I felt that Snow White on Ice had something for everyone. I’d highly recommend seeing it if you can.

Words by Michelle Stannard


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