5 Games That Need to be Movies

It was recently announced that Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic, infected focus-like zombie bashing, smash hit game The Last of Us was being adapted to be released on the big screen. To gaming fans this wasn’t a huge surprise, as part of the reason for the games’ success was due to the emotional roller-coaster the player is put through. The Last of Us is a character driven story much like HBO’s The Walking Dead, where the zombie outbreak at times plays second fiddle and the gamer is emotionally invested in the growing relationship between the games’ two protagonists.

With Halo already releasing a TV series prelude to its next instalment of the video game franchise and Uncharted picking up momentum of a Hollywood makeover, we got our thinking caps into gear and chose the top 5 games we want to see make a presence on the big screen. Hollywood, pay attention!

mass effect

Mass Effect

The game: The Mass Effect trilogy follows Commander Shepard’s mission to save the galaxy from an alien nation known as the Reapers who, not only would scare the milk straight out of your bowl of Frosties at first sight, but have also gained allies from several different races that occupy the galaxies. However Shepard isn’t alone himself. Each instalment is filled with side stories and missions as the Commander travels the galaxy to not only gain intel on the enemy but also to save other species from extinction by helping to fight against the Reapers.

Why we want to see it: With Hollywood’s constant obsession with establishing movie trilogies, Mass Effect could be the perfect pitch. However with Guardians of the Galaxy’s recent introduction, Mass Effect could effectively be seen as a copycat. If the right script writer and director were to take on this product the variety of characters/species and depth in story would help establish Mass Effect in a league of its own. Recently, Universal Pictures announced that they were working on an unannounced project for 2016 that had the online world abuzz with speculation that it could possibly be Mass Effect. Only time will tell.


metal gear solid

Metal Gear Solid

The game: Arguably one of PlayStation’s greatest exclusives, Metal Gear Solid follows soldier Solid Snake and his quest to stop terrorist group FOXHOUND, whose nuclear weapons’ facility strikes a threat to humanity. Dating all the way back to 1998 when the first game was released, publisher Konami have produced a mouth watering, 19 Metal Gear Solid games covering all PlayStation consoles. The series progresses with each game seeing Solid Snake go from a youthful stealth ninja, to an experienced vet, with cyborg Raiden taking over the main role in Metal Gear Rising.

Why we want to see it: The Metal Gear Solid series has all the elements to make a successful transition to the big screen. Each game is loaded with suspense, action, intelligence and a developing story that see its protagonist grow and adapt to the experience of the previous game. With a 16 year existence, movie studios have their fair share of choice in which direction to take the film. A live-action MGS film has been rumoured for quite some time with ongoing talks between Sony and Konami stalling over which direction to take the film. Let’s just pray that Michael Bay doesn’t get his hands on this franchise and turn Solid Snake into a crazed gun-slinging, grenade throwing, all guns a blazing super soldier.


bioshock infinite

Bioshock Infinite

The game: Now I know what you’re all thinking…why not the original Bioshock release? Simply put, Bioshock Infinite has a slightly more developed and emotional story than the first two games. Infinite is set in 1912 where our protagonist, Booker DeWitt is sent to the floating city of Columbia in order to find a young woman named Elizabeth. DeWitt soon finds out there’s a lot more to the pretty exterior of Elizabeth and that she holds the ability to manipulate ‘Tears’ in the space-time continuum that unravel the corrupt and troubled past of Columbia.

Why we want to see it: Bioshock Infinite has racked up a huge number of rewards with particular praise aimed at its story, setting, and visual art design. With a plot full of so many twists and turns and a back story that will keep an audience engaged for a films’ 2 hour duration, with the right writers Bioshock Infinite could be a hit. This would be supported by a period drama type-setting mixed with more than enough action to keep the average cinema goer interested.


gears of war

Gears of War

The Game: Gears is set on an earth-like fictional world know as Sera which is currently infested by an unstoppable subterranean threat known as the Locust Horde. The soldiers of Delta Squad are the few remains of humanity as they inherit the duty to save mankind. Oh and did I not mention? They’ve all been taking whatever it is that has made The Rock super human.

Why we want to see it: The game is an all out, tough guy punching, kamikaze shooting, and grenade destroying love fest. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t want the film to be any other way. However behind all the action is a solid back story that not only makes you cheer for our devilish gang, but gives you a sense of true brotherhood between these super soldiers. The only hard part producing this film will be finding actors to fit the huge stature of its central protagonists.




The game: Set in the future Crysis follows U.S. Army Delta Force soldier Jake Dunn, otherwise known as Nomad. Nomad is equipped with various weapons the time has available, most notably a ‘Nanosuit’ that Nomad himself has yet to come to terms with. After discovering a giant ancient space-alien constructed structure buried inside a mountain, Nomad must fight both extraterrestrial, as well as, North Korean threat.

Why we want to see it: Crysis has the potential to resurrect the dying theme in cinema of the ‘unknown’ enemy. In modern cinema the revelation often seems to feel like a quick kick in the stomach, everything the film was building up to didn’t seem worth the wait. Crysis can be that type of film, building a frightening threat that pits its audience in a state of uneasiness. With Nomad’s battle to gain acceptance with the ‘Nanosuit’, we’ll be forced to experience the same emotion to events as our protagonist. Make this happen Movieland.

Words by Matthew Rathbone

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