Get your juggling geek on with the ‘Circus Geeks’

I recently saw one of the most quirky, interesting and fun shows that I think I’ve ever seen before, Circus Geeks: Beta Testing.

Photo by Joe Clarke -
Photo by Joe Clarke

Circus Geeks started life as a blog, set up following a conversation on juggling, art and how to make the perfect pizza. Made up of Jon, Matt and Arron, the Circus Geeks trio have developed three unique live shows, including their latest addition, Beta Testing. The innovative show was born in 2013, premiered in 2014 and now following a year apart, it’s back with the reunited Circus Geeks to hit the road.

Beta Testing is a unique and quirky show, inspired by TED Talks that will get you laughing, thinking and even falling in love with the three lads performing and their geeky juggling science.

Set up in the format of a PowerPoint presentation with juggling demonstrations and some projection tricks thrown, the Circus Geeks really do know how to engage an audience.

The trio took the audience on a journey, which made Beta Testing feel much more like an immersive experience than just a show. All three lads introduced themselves and gave us an insight into who they are and their juggling background. Of course all introductions involved some juggling too. Each of the lads had their preferred juggling styles and the way the show was narrated was quirky and funny.

Arron did much of the speaking, which worked really well as his knowledge of the history and science of juggling was mind boggling and even when the show had finished I wanted to hear more!

The trio demonstrated all of the different types of drops, styles of juggling and plotted a graph on how complex their tricks were as they juggled to the Chopsticks tune. I particularly loved this part of the show as it was fast, fun and challenging.

Beta Testing is a really difficult show to explain in words because it’s a fascinating mix of science, history, juggling and fish slapping (yes there was even a sequence where Arron was slapped in the face with a fish for dropping balls).

I really enjoyed the show and especially love the geekyness of it all. The trio all offered something different; Arron is knowledgeable, charming and a brilliant story teller, Jon is funny, confident and can juggle for a pretty darn impressive amount of time without stopping and Matt is quirky, animated and can balance and juggle some pretty unusual things (including a top hat).

Of course no show would be complete without a mention of the world class juggling prodigy, Anthony Gatto who has now sadly retired from juggling to run a concrete resurfacing business. Sad times!

I think the world needs to make space for the Circus Geeks because they’re gold dust right now and I predict that they’ve all got great juggling futures ahead of them. They’ve even inspired me to give juggling a go!

I’d highly recommend the show. It’s modern, exciting and a damn good laugh. I take my hat off to you guys for creating some a well thought out show.

Words by Michelle Stannard




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