Moscow State Circus fills Poole Lighthouse with humour and awe!

Moscow Moscow Dah de dah da da da da! I defy anyone seeing this production to leave the Theatre without this national Russian tune playing out in their head – it took two days for my head to leave Moscow!


Performance wise the Moscow State Circus was brilliantly executed by performers, choreographers, sound engineers, light & special effects and musicians. The Circus today has a contemporary feel offering many new dare devil acrobatic routines laced with humour and real interaction with the audience. The enticing blend of traditional street performance and cutting edge Big Top high wire acts engaged and thrilled spectators throughout the show with never a dull moment – even the scene changes were entertaining.

I am sure I was not the only one held in spellbinding suspense as the incredibly talented, lithe and lovely gymnasts and acrobats performed their craft with practised ease and timing. They made excellent use of the height and depth of the stage and also amazed and entertained us with imaginative stage props and ‘death defying’ routines performed with great grace and flexibility. Spectators enjoyed many a visual and indeed ‘sensual’ treat!

I was amused by the jugglers with attitude who created a street dance feel rolling around on barrels and never missing a beat or dropping a pin. My personal favourites were a ‘whip cracking’ double act who’s on stage relationship radiated humour – they whipped each other into shape literally with fast paced action and incredible timing that made a dangerous routine seem safer – but the risks were evident.

The most beautiful and dangerous of acts was a lady suspended in mid air whilst performing amazing contortions inside a glass ball which came apart – only her skill held all intact.

Leaving the Theatre I was still dazzled by the colour, artistry and the sheer beauty of the Russian Circus and stunning performers. With our hearts and minds lighter we bounced down the Theatre steps with heads and ears ringing as we gently hummed – ‘Moscow Moscow Dah de da da da da da…!’

Words by Wendy Imashev


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