People on Vacation + Lacey + Danny Gruff play The Joiners, Southampton

I’ve never seen a live gig before at The Joiners in Southampton so I was quite intrigued to see what the intimate venue’s acoustics were like and what crowd it drew in.

Selfie time with Ryan from People on Vacation before their show
Selfie time with Ryan from People on Vacation before their show

On arriving Natasha, a fellow Alt Entertainian and the photographer for the evening, headed for the entrance and called People on Vacation’s manager as we had a pre-show interview booked in with Ryan Hamilton from the band. As a big fan of their music I was pretty chuffed to be filming our chat with the headlining band for the evening’s gig.

Danny Gruff
Danny Gruff

Ryan is a really great guy, who was really fun to interview. He even thought my mono-pod was a hiking stick (well I guess I do sort of look like a hiker too at times!). We interviewed him in the venue which had a really small and intimate but energetic feel.

After our interview we joined the queue for entry back into the venue for the evening’s show. I was quite surprised at who one of the support bands were as I didn’t realise that they were playing at the show too, Lacey. I really love their song, Hometown.

After getting a prime spot, smack bang in the middle of the venue, we held tight for the first artist of the night, Danny Gruff.

Danny Gruff most certainly did not disappoint. He was selected from a tonne of submissions of artists to play at the show. Although the venue wasn’t packed, his presence was enough to fill a room three times the size and he clearly had a following of die-hard fans who sang along as he belted out hilariously memorable lyrics.


His performance was just him and his guitar, but his charm, raspy voice and crowd interaction makes him one hell of a live artist. He played a great set including some that you’ll listen and agree with the lyrics from including; Wikipedia, The Hangover Song and Whiskey Legs.

Next up was Lacey, the rockers from Nottingham that livened up the room and had the crowd dancing and singing along. Their banter was quite funny and entertaining, and they introduced us all to the, guitargasm. Apparently there’s a website that you can submit photos of people having a guitargasm – a priceless expression whilst enjoying playing their stringed instrument.

I really enjoyed their set as they performed; Change The Story, Hometown and Contender, which involved an awesomely dressed crowd member getting up on stage and singing with the band. What a legend of a guy, and we super want that awesome Spiderman hoodie of his!

Jaret from People on Vacation
Jaret from People on Vacation

Then came the finale that everyone had been waiting for. The crowd were hyped up and I could feel the excitement fill the room. It was obvious there were lots of Jaret Reddick fans, known also for being the lead singer of Bowling For Soup, but I also saw a fair few People on Vacation tees which was great to see!

People on Vacation’s set has to have been one of the most entertaining set’s of all time! There was drama…a photographer blinded Ryan who then bashed his nose on the microphone as a result, there was comedy…they even sang about the photographer blinding him (great sports) and there was music about the drummer’s big penis…yes you heard me right and I was in tears of laughter!

They even played my favourite song: You May Not Believe In God and some other great tracks including a cover of Blow Me by Pink and Don’t Ask The Question (one of Natasha’s favourites). All in all we had a great night, full of laughs, music for the soul and emotion (We hope Ryan’s made a full recovery because we love him!).

Check out what Ryan had to say in our pre-show chat:

Words by Michelle Stannard

Photography by Nastasha Ward

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