The moshing journalist takes on 48Hours, UGLY LOVE and Ashestoangels

Wrapped up warm this aspiring musician and journalist took to the cold streets of Harlow on a Thursday night out to remember, followed by his trustee side arms to which I call the two Jacks.


I often find myself exploring and venturing out to new places, however this week I took a step back and started searching locally and I found myself tracing back to my roots.

This week I found myself in a local but small venue called The Square in Harlow. It’s quite a tucked away venue, however very largely advertised and known for both some of the greats and some very extraordinary local independent artists starting out.

On this specific night out there were three amazing bands playing, these being the one and only 48Hours, UGLY LOVE and Ashestoangels, all with very amazing but different sounds to them.

My first initial thoughts upon entering the venue were that there were very few people actually present for these amazing bands. This thought was pleasantly changed upon hearing the riffs and incendiary sounds of 48hours filling the venue and creating a massive atmosphere both with the crowd and their music.

I knew I had definitely come to the right place I once remembered and loved and was once again hooked. The first time I heard 48Hours, I initially thought and said to the Jacks (barely hearing me of course) “They sound a little bit like Breaking Benjamin’’ to which I still firmly stand by.

UGLY LOVE. Photograph by Pat Pope.
UGLY LOVE. Photograph by Pat Pope.

48Hours are a hardcore rock band from Kent who are influenced by bands such as Three Days Grace and Trapt. They are a band, which I can safely say will easily make their way on to my favourites playlist and definitely a band to keep a very close eye on as they are going places.

Of course the night did not end there, filled with three large Guinness’s (Yes not the traditional buzz rock drink but we’re getting old!), the dance floor filled with punk-rock looking folk and  another band called Ugly Love took to the stage.

At first glance I knew what we were in for! They had an interesting set as their banterous and crazy personalities proven by their upbeat and fast music filled the stage.

They soon had the crowd lining up on the dance floor in a single file conga line to rock and jump to their first song, us three of course got pointed out and of course ended up joining in too.

Both their stage presence and their music was outstanding and definitely one that will also be added to my playlist. A memory that will sit with me forever was when the lead singer made his way to the dance area and rocked with the crowd. He managed to make everyone crouch down whilst still singing at them, and completely owned the room, creating an amazing vibe!


The final set for the night was a Bristol based band called Ashestoangels, a synthy goth-punk sounding band whom can only be described as brutal.

I don’t know what it was exactly, but they managed to keep my spirits up and rip straight through me with the shredding riffs from the guitarist and the extraordinary vocals as their lead singer screamed down the microphone punching that amazing sound through everybody’s eardrums.

A band that sounds as amazing as this, does not need too much interaction with the crowd (which unfortunately was rather limited during the set) but they get everyone involved with the music they play either with the tap of a foot or the moshing of heads.

Sadly that was the end of the night for us, tired out from all the rocking we hit the hay but left the venue with our heads up having had an amazing night out.

Words by Luke Stannard

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