One Man Breaking Bad – in Poole

Miles Allen

When first introduced to the AMC hit series Breaking Bad, to my surprise I was instantly hooked. After the Breaking Bad saga ended in 2013 I was left wanting more, that was until I was introduced to Miles Allen through YouTube.

Miles is an American actor and comedian who became an instant YouTube sensation after releasing a video of him doing impressions of characters from Breaking Bad. In fact his video drummed up over 1 million hits! Following his new found stardom he decided to create a one-man show called One Man Breaking Bad.

The show started out life touring the USA and with such a demand has continued on to tour the world. Miles has been touring with his show to locations including Edinburgh Comedy Festival and even our local venue, Poole Lighthouse (in March). I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to check the show out in Poole.

It was a great evening of laughter and fun at Poole Lighthouse and the theatre was more than half full, which is a shame because of the reception it has received in this country. The evening started off with an introduction from Miles, who entered the stage dressed in a yellow hazmat suit and impersonated the character Jessie.

This included getting the audience off of their seats and dancing, which was a lot of fun! He then began to take us on a journey starting with season 1 and it was hilarious! Miles covered all major plot points from that season and his impressions were on top form. Season 2 was much better as he got into the swing of things and the audience were captivated.

Season 3 was a good solid performance after which there was a 20 minute interval. The second half started with a recap of seasons 1-3 in less than two minutes which was incredible and hilarious. He then started with season 4 which was interesting and still had me hooked from the word go. His energy and commitment is what made the show great because he covered every character from Jessie to Gustavo.

It was sad when he had to do season 5 because I knew it meant that he was nearing the end of the show, but it sure went out in true Breaking Bad fashion. He also did some other impersonations which included Peter from Family Guy, Quagmire and Forest Gump.

All in all Miles gave both myself and the other audience members a highly memorable evening, with laughs and impressions that I’ll remember for a long time to come.

Words by Josh Ward

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