Bubble Ball, Super Ted and Bopping – all in a weekend at Bournemouth 7s Festival

Words and photography by Michelle Stannard and Christy Boxall


After driving around for some time trying to find the right car park, we had finally arrived at Bournemouth 7s Festival. It was sunny and as we walked through the car park we bumped into big groups dressed as super heros and in brightly coloured fancy dress, as well as plenty of people perched up against their cars have a beer and lapping up the sun. This was a good indication that today was going to be heaps of fun. After all the theme was Superheroes vs Tight ‘N’ Bright!


We decided to have a wonder around the festival and see what it had to offer. We started with the stalls; there weren’t many but we did have a race on some racing bikes, which I won on and made it onto the ladies leader board, yay! There were a wide selection of food stalls, bars, dance tents and of course sports pitches.


To the Bubble Ball pitch! I’d never seen Bubble Ball before but it was hilarious to watch teams running into each other in large inflatable balls and then falling over when trying to score. I couldn’t help but laugh and of course take some photographs. Next year we’ll be giving that a go. Who wants to be in my team?

There were two pretty funny guys having a go on one of the fairground rides, so we thought we’d watch Super Ted and his psychic take to the skies. I think the ride operator had some fun with those two.


Next for some Dodge Ball. There didn’t seem to be much playing going on as quite a few teams didn’t turn up for their games, but either way the matches that we did see were brutal and funny. The idea of a superhero getting smashed with a ball is quite entertaining! We’ll also be registering a team next year too! Who wants to be Superman – I’ve heard he’s pretty fast!


Now for some serious sport…rugby! We headed over to get a seat on the stands to watch some rugby 7s games. The games we did see were pretty good. Especially the RAF Spitfires, full of bulk, strength and agility, and Apache who were really fast (I swear one of their forwards was the Flash).


After some rugby taunting, and excitement we headed over to another pitch for a different kind of ball game, netball. I personally am not the biggest fan of netball and I don’t find it very interesting to watch. Although the bright coloured outfits made for some light hearted entertainment. The girl’s ball control was really good and they were really fast on their feet.


Finally for some hockey, we watched another colourful game and nearly got hit by a ball but nonetheless it was enjoyable. We had been walking around for some time so decided to grab a snack and check out the music.


As we ate, we could see and hear a DJ bouncing around the stage near us at the ‘Cocoloco Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Tent’ as well as some very drunk guys trying to sing karaoke in the ‘Karaoke 80s Tent’. After eating we headed into the tent to get some selfies and to dance to some drunken sing alongs.


All in all we had a great day, but we really wish we had stayed for the after parties. Ah well maybe next year!

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