A wheely good time – Wheels Festival 2015 photo highlights

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Kangaroo Kid wows the crowds at Wheels with an assortment of jumps, flips and tricks. Now it’s quite obvious why they’re called Kangaroo Kid! A funny a talented crew.

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The Monster trucks were out in force. Giving rides to festival-goers, doing jumps over sand humps and having a tug of war (oh yes!). This really was special!

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Wheels didn’t just have new wheeled vehicles on show. There was also room made for classics such as these beauties!

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The Motor cross team reached new heights with their sequence of air based tricks, one after the other. Then neatly finished with a land of the ramp, and some signings for fans.

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Team Extreme wowed with some skating, bmx and scooter tricks on the ramps. Even though the sky was grey, they still threw out tricks like there was no tomorrow. Amazing!


Even the Military couldn’t resist the urge to show off their wheels at Wheels. This was quite an impressive vehicle!

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And finally…the super cars. No show would be complete without them! There was even a mini addition to the family for the overindulging toddlers.

Want more Wheels action? The festival will be back next year. In the meantime check out our highlights video and keep and eye on the Wheels Festival website for more information.

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