The Ladyboys of Bangkok bring some glitz and glamour to Poole

One of the Ladyboys in the Victoria Secrets inspired catwalk
One of the Ladyboys in the Victoria Secrets inspired catwalk

The Lighthouse in Poole became more than a little bit glitzy when the Lady Boys were in town! What began as a cheeky behind-the-dressing-room burlesque show, built to become a festival of colour and song that spanned every decade. Taking inspiration from fashion, music videos and musicals with a dash of kitchen sink TV comedy thrown in for good measure you could not have asked for a more entertaining show.

I guess because I wasn’t sure what to expect, I felt a little shy about watching to begin with, but as the show unfurled the Lady Boys introduced you into their world of style and sass. They were so fabulous you couldn’t help but be charmed. Jaqueline especially impressed with her explosive Latino style dancing as did Natty and with her hip-hop routine.

The pair who most stole the audiences laughter and hearts were an older Lady Boy named Ole and her dwarf companion named Trevor. Between their audience icebreaker, where participants were re-dressed on stage, and their Sound of Music skit, in which Trevor was dressed as a harassed sheep, this talented pair, with a reputation for naughtiness, added a great contrast between the stylish fashion catwalks and flirty show tunes.

And the costumes! Need I mention the costumes? Of course I do! With UV fireworks painted on flowing gowns spun around to the tunes of Katy Perry, prancing sequinned wings in Victoria Secret style catwalks, 1960’s vintage dresses shimmied to Greased Lightning, the spectacle and quick changes never failed to impress. Hats off the designers!

The Ladyboys of Bangkok is not just a show but an experience and it’s definitely worth a watch. Check out The Ladyboys website to find your nearest show.

Words by Christy Boxall

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