Game of…oh Comic Con Bournemouth



Being that a high percentage of the team at The Alt Entertainer are huge sci-fi geeks, we were chuffed at the chance to go to the Film and Comic Con when it hit Bournemouth’s BIC.

Game of Thrones nerds and Dr Who geeks alike joined forces to meet the old and new cast of the classics, and to join the mega geek fest with other great minds just like ours!

Our team was in two halves, the sword loving, light saber bowing, iron throne warriors, and the time-travelling, sonic screwdriver armed, dalek defeaters. There was certainly something for each of those tastes and more. Although I might add, being dressed up in a long cloak, on crutches in such a crowded place felt like one of Rob Stark’s wars.

Team ‘Game of Thrones’:

Words by Michelle Stannard and photography by Luke Stannard.

Audio by Christy Boxall.


Jon Snow (myself) armed with a sword, my trusty Direwolf Ghost (Chris), Chewie’s chum (Luke) and Yoda’s intelligent friend in training (Christy) joined the people train that headed into the main room of the Comic Con excitement at the BIC.


Rows and rows of stalls of merchandise filled the space; swords, t-shirts, comics, masks, a life-sized Flux Capacitor, and of course the acting talent who make sci-fi…well sci-fi of course! There were also a wide mix of  planned talks and a cosplay parade.


Hours and hours of shopping and fighting the crowds, saw us purchase a new book series, have a brief encounter with Chewie and of course take a seat of the one and only ‘iron throne’.

All of the walking around, especially on crutches made me either need a sit down or a piggy back. Time for a Game of Thrones talk I think! The talk gave fans of the hit tv show the chance to ask any burning questions to Kristian Nairn (Hodor), Ellie Kendrick (Meera Reed) and Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell). It was really funny to hear some of the questions, of course I knew Kristian would get some brilliant ones.

One guy asks, “How much of your own inspiration did you use for Hodor?”

To which Kristian answered, “Obviously it’s pure talent…I don’t really know how to answer that question but, Hodor…”

Here’s how the rest of the q and a session went:


Following this brilliant talk, we joined the line to have a photo taken with Kristian Narn who plays Hodor. Seems sort of relevant since Hodor has been looking after Jon’s little brother, Bran for the past few seasons of GOT.

GOT talk 2.JPG

Throughout the day we had such a great opportunity for selfies, to meet some like-minded sci-fi fans and we even attracted some fans ourselves. My highlight was Hodor saying that famous phrase to me, “You know nothing Jon Snow!”. I guess I don’t – Ha ha!


The weekend was a pretty full on one but we all had a great time, and we’d definitely go again. Let’s just hope that we’ll all be fit next year! Comic Con will be coming back to Bournemouth in 2016, so don’t miss out! It certainly is worth every penny.

Team ‘Dr Who’ – highlights in photographs:

Photography by Natasha Ward

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