London’s first #RumWeek


The first ever Rum Week will commences today. Five days of rum engrossed events, workshops, cookery classes and evenings out will be rounded off by the largest exhibition of rum producers at Rum Fest on the 17th & 18th October. The cold autumnal breezes of October are to be put on hold for this week long celebration of rum, highlighting its impressions: historical and current on the food and drink and beyond.

Ian Burrell, the first global Rum Ambassador, is the man behind Rum Fest driving by his passion to put the brown and white stuff into the spirit spotlight. In its ninth year Rum Fest is one of a kind in providing a wide angle view on rum and its undeniable impact on the food and drink industry, showcasing over 400 rums under one roof at London’s ILEC, Earl’s Court. Rum Week, translates into 7 days to immersion in rum culture.


Day 1:
Wheels are spun into motion for #RumWeek on Monday with a RumFest takeover at Gerry’s Wine & Spirits at 1pm in Soho. Did we mention there will be free tastings? Sample some rum favourites, whet your palette with some names you’ve eyed previously but are yet to try.

Round off the first day of a week’s worth of events with a VIP sampling session and launch party. Participation promises certainty in making the chills of October non-existent. The host? Alfred Lambs’ Secret Store set to start at 7pm.

Add some colour, vibrancy and Caribbean flair to your cooking techniques with Shiv Ramoutar of Caribbean Fresh at 6:30pm. ‘Paradise Prawns’, ‘Blackened Corn Salad’, ‘Jerk Pulled Pork’ and a sweet potato salad are on the menu for this hands on cookery class.

The Fat Bear will deliver Michelin starred dining experience during Rum Week, pairing Mauritian Rums namely Gold of Mauritius and Mauritius Club with some classic American cuisine: Beef Brisket or St. Louis Pork Ribs paired with Mauritius Club. Have room for dessert? Try the Oreo Cheesecake paired with Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum. Available from Monday to Saturday during Rum Week.

Cigar & Rum pairing are to be certified for Monday. The @altentertainer will bring you updates via the Twitter airwaves.

Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador

Day 2:
Another opportunity to catch a slice of the RumFest takeover at Gerry’s, same time.

A new addition to the roster is a food event: ‘Rum Masters Spirited Dinner’ at Christies Auction House at 7pm. Join Peter Holland, rum expert and one of the creative forces behind The Floating Rum Shack, for a journey through the history of rum: culture, tradition, sampling and pairing.

The class will conclude with a selection of Matugga rum cocktails in Mezzanine One Bar.

Bourne & Hollingsworth coax rum fiends out of the wood work with the Rum Masters Spirited Dinner. The sampling of four bespoke and unique strands washed down with a three course dinner. The night will see talks from renowned rum ambassadors including Ian Burrell, David Morrison from Appleton Rum and Luck Gargano from Velier Rums.

10 lucky attendees will be giving the opportunity to take part in an intimate dining experience after the tasting.

Day 3:
Third time lucky. You guessed it, another day of #RumFest takeover at Gerry’s.

Muddling to mixing, shaking and stirring are some of the many features of Wednesday during #rumweek. Rum & Sugar will demonstrate and drive for participation in crafting the perfect rum cocktail.

At 7:30pm take part in a guided tour of Merchant House through a masterclass full of exploration and adventure. Bottoms up on their premium which will keep spirits high to the end of the experience.

Day 4:
Sail the River Thames against a backdrop of classy Tiki cocktails: showcasing the Pina Colada, Mai Tai & Pain Killer. The Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell, the founder of #RumFest and Rum Experience Week, will be headlining the event with a talk whilst adding additional kick to cocktails in the mix.

Feeling to shake a leg or two? Once docked Tiki on the Thames will be followed by an after party at the prestigious Mahiki on Dover Street. If Latin music is more suited to the mood at hand Rum & Sugar will be entertaining live music lovers from 8pm.

There exists a possibility to rumify yourself with one of the prolific pairings: rum and cigars from Monday – Thursday. For live updates keep aligned with @altentertainer and @RumExperience.

Day 5:
Get a proper education on the expansive topic of rum with the Rum Experience University. Run by experts to take your knowledge to advanced heights.

Be the first to know about boutique rums ready to disembark and distribute in the UK with the Boutique RumFest at 1pm.

Sam Smallman ends the afternoon of events with rum and Rococo chocolate pairings. There will be two sessions (5pm & 7:30pm) which translates into two separate palette tests with guided tasting.

The weekend: #RumFest

When Saturday rolls around the general proviso should be that “Rum is more than a spirit, it’s a lifestyle”. All the best elements of the Rum Experience Week will be concentrated into the ILEC Conference Centre. With Ian’s most famous quotes being “alcohol is the element and cocktails the compound”, add rum appreciators and those eager to experience its many depths into the equation and here stands a recipe for delight.

Live stage demos, showing how to bring the taste of the Caribbean into your home. Tokens can be purchased to taste elite rums that retail for over £200 a bottle. Workshops, tastings, pairings all swished together with food, music and merry vibes.

#rumweek will be here in three nights, what will you be doing to mark its arrival? Tweet your #rumexperience pictures @altentertainer and @RumExperience.

Find a comprehensive list of Rum Experience events here:

Words by N.O.W.

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