Stereo 92 Launch

When the doll faced waitress disappears with the tray full of canapés, your eyes scan the crowd like a single guy who hasn’t felt the caress of a woman for months. When the red lippy pin up resurfaced my eyes never left her until she came my way. Sparks flew.

It was love at first bite: this is what the Baba Ganoush canapé with harissa did to me. A newly converted vegetarian would find it difficult to sit still with the captivating colours flying overhead from the chicken skewer platters.

Chicken skewers

The same analogy is dually applicable to the Stereo 92 launch party for their live music space. Once the snares were in motion it was impossible to dodge the musical waves that kept all those in the Stereo 92 establishment in swaying enchantment.

Seats quickly filled and while the attention and anticipation lingered on the then empty stage I claimed the table in front.

Laura Riganti

Laura Riganti, the singer of the first band, delivered a remodelled ‘A Little Bit’. Tones that had Stereo 92’s occupants responded tandem with profuse head and toe taps.

Shaun Colwill

Donned in white from head to toe Shaun Colwill the lead of the second band serenaded tonal control over onlookers. A trio of string pluckers supported by strong beats of the drums worked in harmony for crowd elevation.


The final band was that of @OscarLaurence who served up victorious volleys with every note. Each band member took turns, in solo and group musical moves, to move the crowd. Wolf whistles and ovations on building crescendos. There was something about the sounds of Oscar Laurence and his band that left the crowd energised even long after the performance was over.


Band selection was faultless, each providing a progressive steps to mind elevation. This is the power of live music.

The next live music event at Stereo 92 will see new up and coming artist Ikes ( takeover their stage on 13th October.

Word play and lyrical assassinations are some features to be expected on 19th October on an all new open mic night. On the weekend of the 23rd-25th Stereo 92 will form part of Stokey Music Fest, providing centre stage for various performances & events on throughout.


To have an opportunity to touch crowds that will undoubtedly be a feature of this new venue contact

Photography & Words by N.O.W.

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