Cabana Brasil opens in Brixton



In the mist of a launch where drinks and food are free flowing what can one expect?

Cabana Brixton crowd

Thick fogs of people. Laughing and smiling happy faces. Repeat offenders, who seek hit after hit of classic and strawberry Caipirinhas, are sat or stood in close proximity to the bar. Sagres beer also readily available to those who yearn for a savoury yeast infused sips.

Trays of Caipirinhas

One thing is for sure on this night at Cabana Brixton no-one Sandra from Googlebox to come waltzing in casually. Yes, Sandra was perched at the bar devouring Caipirinhas. IPhone’s and Android devices were raised to eye level to document the random happening. Strawberry Caipirinhas are said to be a tested means for curing the itch of inconceivable involuntary stars in ones eyes.


The moral of the launch?


Cabana have provided a taster into what one can expect from their Brazilian experience in Brixton: Fast service even when demand is high, staff that enjoy what they do and thrive under pressure.

Chicken on the go

Caipirinhas at Cabana Brasil are the sweetest alcoholic nectar going in the ever bustling area of Brixton. Judge for yourself by dropping in.

Follow @cabana_brasil for food porn, updates and competitions!

Photography & Words by N.O.W.


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