Tiki on the Thames


People waiting

Ample bodies dotted around the perimeter of Festival Pier to board the only boat that promised to shine tropical vibes on the autumnal backdrop of the Thames. Boarding what some were calling ‘the biggest booze cruise of the year’ my main thought was who would be the first to tumble, roll or perhaps both.

Footing, balance and sipping without spilling formed temporary clouds. Admittedly my feet were attempting to nail a River dance number before the boat had left the pier. Place your bets on the first likely candidate to engage in an involuntary rolling fest.

Pina Colada

Once the ropes were loosened and then unfastened the guests seem to characterise the same actions. Ian Burrell kindly poured out a wealth of Tropical Colada’s made with Don Q gold, Coco Reàl, tropical fruit juice and milk. Standing on the top deck slowly inhaling this combination while the ladies of Vivien of Holloway in tropical prints and, the hems of their dresses swayed in the breezes of the Thames.

Real cupcakes

Coco Reàl made an unsuspecting appearance in the moist moorish cupcakes too. Drizzled into the icing as well as being worked into the cupcake recipe, guests engaged in endearing conversations next to stand. Talk about cake eating strategy.

Real cupcake syrup

London is one of the busiest capital’s in the world, common knowledge. In day to day scurries in and around hoards of people have you ever paused in the middle of mayhem to appreciate the architecture that makes London so beautiful?

The River Thames is the speakerphone that trumpets the capital’s true beauty. Add cocktails spun by the almighty Rum Ambassador and you have a recipe for success in awakening the senses to culture: London, rum and beyond.


Here are our the best bits from Tiki on the Thames, one of the most memorable events from Rum Experience Week.

Photography & Words by N.O.W.

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