VegFest Scotland #1


Glasgow has been dubbed as the vegan capital of Scotland and quite rightfully so. The wintery wet gales that encroached Glasgow couldn’t keep people away from the first ever vegan festival: VegFest Scotland held on the 5th & 6th December at the SECC.

Stirring in the concourse of the SECC were a mixed bag of attendees, sharing in a brisk walk to Hall 3, which housed an immense assortment of vendors for VegFest. What the attendees all share in common, apart from rumbling tums, is compassion for the ecosystem and a compelling desire to preserve and maintain it.

Crowds soon took cover in the hall where many vegan brands shared the floor in an expanding consciousness of vegan friendly food, drink, clothing, beauty products and even probiotics.

Variety and veganism are indeed synonymous. Do not be cajoled by pessimists that haven’t whet their taste buds with a smidgen of what vegan life has to offer.

Here are some of my favourites from the VegFest 2015


Specialising in endearing alternatives to cheese, Sheese was one of the most popular stands at the show. With five different creamy spreadable varieties knifed over crackers, it was a mission to weave in between its stand dwellers. Equally, it was difficult to comprehend that these spreadable cheeses, with their full bodied flavour, were in actuality dairy free.


For the ultimate platter combination, Sheese also specialise in crumbly, firm cheeses such blue, Cheshire, Edam and cheddar as well as deli produce. Perfect accompaniments for that red wine yearning for a multiple match making. 100% dairy and meat free.


The search is over for that photo ready finish to your make up without the animal cruelty or nasties with Bohemian Chic Minerals. Have ultra-sensitive skin that weeps and breaks out in a hissy fit when you introduce it to foreign compounds? The entire BCM range is 100% natural and vegan friendly. Another attractive benefit is the comprehensive shade palette that ensures that there is a perfect fit for everyone.


Not that many mainstream make-up brands can boast about having a wide selection of colours whilst looking after your skin and the ecosystem at the same time.


Natural grain based ingredients, bursting with essential and natural oils, which emit aromas that will have the sweetest of flowers envious. Pacifica also houses a solid perfume which is made from coconut oil and soya based wax. Smell good and feel good all in natural synch.


The above are an acute cross section of VegFest Scotland 2015. Below are some more shots from one of our most epic festival visits of the year.

Photography & Words by N.O.W.

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