Poison apples, toilet rolls and Eastenders


It’s the time of year that people dress their houses in enough lights to illuminate a planet, shoppers fight for the last turkey and of course crowds flock in their hundreds to have a cheeky giggle at the year’s seasonal panto.

This year is most definitely no different and  I was fortunate enough to see quite a treat in the form of the Bournemouth Pavilion’s yearly addition to the panto calendar, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The infamous story of Snow White was made into one of the best comedy fests I have seen in a while. With Snow White played by C5 Milkshake presenter Olivia Birchenough and her mother, the Wicked Queen played by Eastender’s Gillian White the show provided a puntastic evening of adult jokes and current topical references.

The stage set up, scenery and lighting was superb and I was impressed with the effort put into the mirror. Of course no panto would be complete without a dashing Prince (Eastender’s heartthrob Matt Lapinskas) to save the day, Seven exceptional Dwarves and a Dame (played by Quinn Patrick).

The Dame was one of my favourite characters in the panto. Quinn portrayed an outrageous, brightly dressed (those dresses were to die for) and was armed with some of the best lines of the show.

Jean…oh I mean Gillian played a surprisingly evil Queen. Her outfits were awesome and whoever played her mirror, did a sterling job.

All in all the whole panto provided some real belly laugh jokes, had a classic scene that we were all waiting for (it’s tradition) and the most amazing rendition of 12 Days of Christmas. Featuring bras and toilet roll…of course!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves comes highly recommended for the whole family, especially those who love a bit of classic toilet humour, Eastenders and the Minions!

Don’t miss out, get your tickets now on the BIC/Pavilion website.

Words by Michelle Stannard (@writer_mich)


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