#TinderTales: It’s not me, it’s YOU


When people start populating things, sometimes these ‘things’ turn to shit. Let me reiterate. I’m a big fan of skinny jeans. I have been for a good number of years. Paired with an oversized chunky knit, numerous crop tops topped with a bomber jacket? C’etait magnifique! I find nowadays that a significant proportion of the male population own jeans that are skinnier than my own.

I’m unsure if I should go tighter and claim what’s rightfully mine or give it up all together. Yes, skinny jeans have become a bit shite now. What I should remember in relation to the current skinny jeans overpopulation crisis and in relation to the profiles on Tinder is that it’s all about the quality of the content.

This is why I say, “It’s not me, it’s YOU”. Here’s the perspective. I am big on authenticity, truth and also communication. The latter isn’t stated in my Tinder profile but I demonstrate its importance through making use of the messaging feature on the app. I could easily meet up with a random guy that ticks the aesthetics but what if the conversation is dead, virtually non-existent?

I’d have to throw up the ‘deuces’ and tap out. There’s not enough alcohol behind the bar for me to sit comfortably in that type of scenario. Also, why should I put myself through that? Could easily exchange a couple of messages, cut open your skull and see what your brain is like. The owner of the brain being poked and prodded can also attempt to conclude whether or not I am a psycho.

Lies are pointless. I feel like those that tell them must somehow and somewhere inside feel like their truth is boring 💤 Maybe it is. At least it’s yours. This is what makes the word ‘individual’ so colourful, drab maybe by perception. Like one of the most poignant quotes I found and think is correct to the letter, ‘Be yourself everyone else is taken’.

It’s true. I do admire people who are authentic. Considering the fact that we live in a world where at times it is difficult to distinguish between real and fake, those that are themselves without compromise are special. Rare even.

‘Tis true, I hate small talk. Are you interested in what Kylie Jenner wears and says or the colour of the polish that currently adorns her nails? You’ve lost me. I’m looking outside the nearest window. I’m thinking about is occurring in the world here and now. I’m listening to the conversation to left and trying to decipher the people sat near me. Maybe I’ll go and sit with them…

Like attracts like right?

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