Banff Mountain Film Festival 2016 – review



As an extreme sports fan (watching and appreciating, rather than doing) the UK and Ireland Banff Mountain Film Festival appeared right up my street. Held at the Lighthouse in Poole, with the Creme de la Creme of short films being played, it definitely was a ‘must attend’.

The evening consisted of stalls of goodies and competitions, put on by the festival sponsors, and the introduction and playing of some award-worthy films. Of course, all to do with the mountains, winter and extreme sports.

The quality of the films was outstanding, and I can’t even start to consider picking a favourite. Although there was an aspect of reminiscing for me during the showing of ‘The Important Places’ by Forest Woodward & Brendan Leonard. The way it was narrated was magical and thought provoking.

I don’t want to give too much away about the films, so I’ll let you watch the snippets below to judge for yourself. If you missed out on Banff this year, fear not because you’ll be able to catch it again next year.

It’s a magical and meaningful journey that you won’t want to miss!

55 Hours in Mexico

A quick trip to climb the third highest peak in North America, ski down it and return to work on Monday.


Grown-ups making their childhood dreams come true – the wilder the better

Chasing Niagara

Pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz paddles over Niagara Falls.


Photographer Reuben Krabbe captures a high-risk solar moment.

Operation Moffat

Inspired by Britain’s first female mountain guide Gwen Moffat.

Showdown at Horseshoe Hell

The wildest event in the climbing world – part-ultramarathon, part-Burning Man, all go…

The Important Places

Film maker Forest Woodward takes his 77-year-old father on a Grand Canyon River trip to recapture the past.

Words by Michelle Stannard

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