Graeme of Thrones – for those who like to laugh

Words by Michelle Stannard


As someone who is hugely into Game of Thrones (GOT) I jumped at the chance to see the parody production ‘Graeme of Thrones‘.

Meet Graeme, a Game of Thrones (GOT) geek who is convinced that his big break will finally come now that an influential theatrical producer is in the house to watch his show. Joined by his trusty bestie, Paul and the girl he used to fancy at school, Bryony, the trio take their audience on a unique trip through the Seven Kingdoms, and add their own twist to all of your favourite GOT characters. I think even George RR Martin would be impressed with these mimics!

Graeme of Thrones filled the air with the ring of laughter, and gave the audience (me included) some ‘we thought that too’ revelations. Be warned though, if you’re not up to date on GOT then there will be spoilers!

Other than the outragously played characters; Danerys had some mega slug brow action going on, and Khal Drogo’s character was spot on; the actors ripped the piss out of each others’ acting. This added all the more comedy to the show. Their insecurities, and conflict between their group made for quite the entertaining watch – of course this was all part of the show!

Another element of the show that was brilliant was the fact that all of the scenery and props were made of cardboard, the throne included! It nearly saw it’s fate a few times, when all three actors tried to sit on it together.

Graeme even provided an end to the whole story, which was really funny! Let’s hope George RR Martin doesn’t chose the same ending, I’m not sure my brain could quite accept that as the final ending to Game of Thrones!

The whole show is a super speed tornado of puns, cheesy props and some pretty out there characterisations. I especially can’t get the Sansa Stark scene out of my head. This scene really did give a new meaning to the words ‘becoming a woman!’

I was impressed that the show was able to tell the whole Game of Thrones story condensed and Graemised, alongside a backstory of an upcoming producer and team of acting talent trying to find their place in the theatre world. I take my hat of to the team for doing that so well and still managing to make me roll around in creases in my seat.

Graeme of Thrones promises dragons, a twist on that ‘Red Wedding’ scene and a shower load of rude humour. If a belly laugh is what you want, then this show will be sure to give it to you!




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