Legally Blonde – the musical – review

Legally Blonde logo.png

OMIGOD YOU GUYS, Legally Blonde just came to town (Bournemouth that is) and absolutely brought the Reese Witherspoon classic to life!

Just in case you do not know the story…

Legally Blonde follows Elle Woods, a blonde, college sweetheart and homecoming queen. She refuses to take no for an answer when her boyfriend, Warner dumps her to find someone more serious. Elle throws aside her credit card and swaps it for books, and an application to the prestigious Harvard Law. On her journey she meets some great people, learns some life long lessons and falls in love but always stays true to herself.

I wasn’t sure, Legally Blonde would tickle my fancy but it really did thoroughly entertain me. I loved every second of it, from OMIGOD YOU GUYS all the way through to that scene we all know and love well, BEND AND SNAP (equipped with hunky man and all).

Applying for Harvard Law

Sarah Bayliss was pleasing on the eye, sung perfectly and had Elle’s personality down to a tee. Her blonde moments were played well and equally her intellectual ones harboured wit and intrigue.

In true spirit of the words ‘the show must go on’, Rachel Forsdike who played meanie Vivienne actually injured her leg pre show. Although some of her moves were adapted she still knew how to rock that space boot and her role. She did a grand job of mean girl come pleasant friend.

Some of my highlights included the dogs, yes they used real pooches. Bruiser, Elle’s trusty sidekick dominated the stage and held the audience’s attention when he was on show. He was cute and added extra appeal to the show.

Rufus, Paulette’s handsome pooch was adorable. He played his character with a great charm. Both dogs were very well trained.

The dogs.jpg

Another two mentions go to Adam Mecklenburgh who played Emmett, Elle’s close friend. He portrayed his character very well, good friend who dotes on Elle. This was made obvious through his acting alone.

Phillip Fry who played Callahan hit strict teacher and creep on the head. I was felt very much a part of the performance in all of the scenes he was in. It was immersive.

The outfits had Legally Blonde written all over them. They were glamourous and I was impressed at the quality. Especially Elle and her crew’s outfit. I didn’t realise so many creative outfits could be created from pink material!

The sets were something else, especially the salon. I thought that was really impressive and looked super realistic. The lighting was also done really well, with spot lighting used on intimate moments. This created ambience and emotion.

I laughed, at GAY OR EUROPEAN, I smiled warmly at FIND MY WAY, and I shed a tear at SERIOUS. I would watch it all over again if I could.

OMIGOD YOU GUYS it’s awesome! Grab your tickets now…


Words by Michelle Stannard


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