New music that will make you want to celebrate Sisterhood this Autumn

Siblings are tough. Having sisters, specifically, is arguably one of life’s greatest challenges. I should know, I have three! Yet, despite the hair-pulling and constant squabbles, there’ll always be a special, unique bond that can last a lifetime. You don’t have to have sisters to be able to relate to the strength that links all females together; it’s an unspoken unity. A powerful and complex network of sisterhood.

It’s often difficult to describe what  ‘sisterhood’ means to each woman, so what better way to express it by combining this powerful connection with the power of music? This autumn, you’re treated to three brilliant ‘sister acts’ who have done just that!

1.Wildwood Kin – new release ‘Warrior Daughter”


The Devon-born trio consists of sisters Beth and Emillie Key and their cousin, Meghann Loney. They describe themselves as an indie/ folk trio, with beautifully blended harmonies that soar effortlessly through each track. Impressively, they accompany themselves with acoustic guitar and percussion and it gives the music an authentic, homely feel. Wildwood Kin are perfect for those who love the likes of Lucy Rose and Bear’s Den. Check out some of their previous releases like ‘Grace’ and ‘Hold On’.

The newest release, “Warrior Daughter’ combines their harmonic vocals with an uplifting melody to portray a powerful message that strength and courage lies within each woman. Women are warriors! Watch the beautifully shot video below:

Wildwood Kin’s popularity is on the rise – in 2015, they were shortlisted for a BBC Radio Music Award and their songs have been played on national radio. So far this summer they’ve been busy performing at Glastonbury Festival and Lemonfest in June, and Larmer Tree Festival in July! These fabulous girls are only going up! Their debut EP release is expected later this year so watch this space.

If you’re interested in seeing this fantastic trio live, check out their upcoming tour dates here.

2.The Staves – new Single ‘Sleeping in a Car’

The Staves.JPG


Already hugely successful in the UK and across the US, Watford-born sisters, The Staves, have delighted us yet again with a brand new single Sleeping in a Car, out since May 2016. Now, I’ve been a little obsessed with The Staves since I watched the documentary, ‘Austin to Boston’ in 2014. It follows them on an epic road-trip through America, along with Ben Howard, Nathaniel Rateliff and Bear’s Den. Talk about living the dream! Since then, they’ve continued to amaze with their stunning harmonies and mellow, breezy folk.

The new single features three wistful tracks, Outlaw, Roses and Sleeping in a Car. Each has it’s own unique sound filled with their trademark cadences, but Sleeping in a Car  is a particular masterpiece, featuring long echoey notes and almost choral-like harmonies.

Complemented with soft rhythms and emotional, thought-provoking lyric, the single reflects “the transient nature of travelling… the fleeting moments, street lights passing in rhythm, stolen phone calls, late nights… living in some sort of alternate reality [that is] dizzying and freeing”. Be sure to have The Staves on repeat when you hit the road for you next adventure!

3.Bloom Twins – new release ‘Amnesia’

Bloom Twins.JPG

What’s better than an identical-twin sister act? Not much! Maybe the fact that they’re taking both the music and fashion world by storm! Based in London, the Bloom Twins are beautiful, talented fashionistas born in the Ukraine, who produce energetic and unique music. Much like Wildwood Kin and The Staves, their repertoire features beautiful harmonies as well as a mix of intriguing, experimental vocal sounds, as if they are using their voices as musical instruments.

Since Bloom Twins debut track Farenheit in 2013, the twins have attracted much attention for themselves, landing several profile pieces in notable fashion magazines such as Vogue and Paradigm. They’ve caused quite a stir in the music world too, playing in various festivals and supporting acts like Duran Duran. In fact, keyboardist Nick Rhodes was so impressed with the girls that he’s helped produce most of their debut album!

Amnesia is their newest creation, boasting haunting, deep and diverse vocals with a hint of electronica. It’s a far cry from Wildwood Kin’s youthful folk or The Staves’ choral tones! Their unique ensemble may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they’ve sure got me hooked! Check out their video to experience the Amnesia magic.

Happy listening, folks! Let these power sister acts be the soundtrack to your Autumn!

Words by Monique Ellis

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