‘Lost World’ revealed as Backyard Cinema’s latest theme

Backyard Cinema has given us a sneak peek into a hidden jungle in the heart of South London ahead of the opening night tonight (Friday 16th September), starting naturally with Jurassic Park.



From the team who brought Romeo + Juliet to St. Mary’s Church and the Winter Garden to Winterville, London’s favourite theatrical cinema experts, Backyard Cinema are set to unveil a forgotten jungle in the heart of South London. Adequately named the ‘Lost Word’, Backyard Cinema will be screening a fantastic selection of classic action and adventure films, including childhood favourites such as The Jungle Book, Hook and The Goonies as well as Hollywood blockbusters Jurassic Park, Predator and The Legend of Tarzan.

If seeing these famous classics on the big screen again wasn’t enough already, the themed cinema experts have created their very own urban jungle to screen them, decked out with tropical trees and plants, jungle sounds and temple ruins.

Jungle area.JPG


Launching today (Friday 16th September), the ‘Lost World’ will see ticket holders enter through a secret entrance of temple ruins, and have to navigate their way into a land that time forgot. Once making it to the Jungle in one piece, customers will find a screening room decked out with giant beanbag seating, a huge screen and state of the art audio equipment. Grab a jungle themed cocktail from the bar and relax into a beanbag as the jungle adventure turns into a cinema experience like no other.

Starting in its founder’s back garden Backyard Cinema is a roaming, theatrical, cinema that shows a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations both in and outdoors around London. Often creating an immersive environment around the movie using in depth set builds, actors and live music, each show becomes a unique evening out, whilst staying true to its original ethos: somewhere cool you can watch your favourite films with great food, drinks and all your mates.

Ticket Options:
Child Ticket – £9.50
Standard Ticket – £16.50
Cocktail Ticket – £25 (comes with signature jungle themed cocktail)
Date Night Ticket (for two) – £65 (Comes with x2 tickets, Bubbly, popcorn, ice cream & blankets)

Film Screenings:
September 16th
Jurassic Park – 8PM

September 17th
Jungle Book (1967) – 12.30PM
Hunger Games – 4.30PM
Jungle Book (2016) – 8.30PM

September 18th
The Incredibles – 12.30PM
Hook – 4.30PM
Captain America: Civil War – 8.30pm

September 20th
Apocalypse Now – 8PM

September 21st
King Kong – 8PM

September 22nd
Predator – 8PM

September 23rd
The Goonies – 8PM

September 24th
The Lion King – 12.30PM
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl – 4.30PM
Jurassic Park – 8.30PM

September 25th
Disney’s Tarzan (1999) – 12.30PM
Peter Pan (2003) – 4.30PM
Apocalypto – 8.30PM

September 27th
Rambo: First Blood – 8PM

September 28th
Rambo: First Blood – 8PM

September 29th
Rambo: First Blood – 8PM

October 1st
Peter Pan (2003) – 12.30PM
Jurassic Park – 4.30PM
Jurassic World – 8.30PM

October 2nd
Madagascar 2 – 12.30PM
Zootopia – 4.30PM
Hook – 8.30PM

Book your tickets now at http://www.backyardcinema.co.uk/. Then head over to Mercato Metropolitao, 42 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6DR and enjoy the experience!

Words by Ed Jacobs

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