This summer, Bournemouth was alive with The Sound of Music


If you have a craving for a slice of traditional wholesomeness, then the Sound of Music always delivers in spades. My cockles were well and truly warmed by the sincere passion of this show, smashing out one classic tune after another while reminding us all of the true essence of love …aww!


For just five nights, this auspicious cast melted the hearts of many unsuspecting Bournemouth Pavilion spectators. So, take note,  harden up the palm of your hands for some pretty vigorous clapping by the end of the night.

The Voice 2015 runner-up Lucy O’Byrne takes centre stage playing the role of Maria. O’Byrne proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that she’s no runner-up in this theatre contest, capturing the audience hearts just as Maria herself does throughout this enchanting story.

For those who are unfamiliar with the narrative, or have lived on Planet Pluto all their lives, this is a beautifully created romantic tale set behind the backdrop of the horrors of WW2. Maria, a hopeless yet very trying and tuneful Nun is set free from her monastery to find her rightful course in life. Following the Revered Mothers request to leave, Maria reluctantly takes on her new mission which leads her to governing the seven children of the Von Trapp family. And what a mission it turns out to be .. all her wildest and most unexpected dreams come true while love brings together a couple, and unites a family, which cannot be defeated.

Maria brings music back into the Von Trapp home, much to the initial displeasure of Captain Von Trapp, played effortlessly by Andrew Lancel, famed for his villainous character role as Frank Foster in Coronation Street and as DI Neil Manson in The Bill.


Although there are a few escapes from the song list routine in the movie, every song is captured and performed fantastically. Although not strictly a sing-a-long show, it’s hard not to find yourself joining in with such memorable songs, including My Favourite Things, The Lonely Goatherd, Do-Re-Mi, So Long Farewell, and the unforgettable Sound of Music itself.

 Edelweiss was concluded with rapturous applause and I defy anyone not to have small lump in the back of their throat after being mesmerised by this. The same surprise can be said for when the  Revered Mother closes the first half and belts out an amazing operatic rendition of Climb Every Mountain.

The same delight and professionalism is also depicted in the imaginative backdrops. There are only a few changes but all work so well to create a feeling of depth and discovery. With any great show there are always a few chance breaks for humour and this theatre production takes them on the chin nicely. With an abundance of elegant costumes and nifty footwork to brilliant dance routines, what more can you ask for a complete night out?

Words by Wendy Armsrong

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