Where Nerds Rule: MCM Comic Con 2016


So…MCM Comic Con came to London’s Excel Centre on the weekend of Halloween. Over 80,000 cosplayers and sci-fi, horror and film fans swarmed upon the vast expanses of one of London’s most spacious exhibition venues – many having no doubt spent the past few weeks (probably even months) adding the final details to their costumes. En route to the show, the tube was teeming with familiar faces – from Mario to Pikachu, even Batman and Beetlejuice made their appearances on the tube as bewildered Londoners looked on.


Not surprisingly, the Excel Centre was the most packed I’ve ever seen it – looking more like a doomsday evacuation scenario for a futuristic world inhabited by superheroes, robots and other sci-fi exiles, scrambling in a chaotic fashion towards the hope of a new world; even cyberspace was struggling to cope with the social media overload – with phone signal failing, there would be little hope of anyone reuniting once separated in these crowds.


With various panel appearances across the weekend and leading actors from popular shows including Humans and Game of Thrones, familiar faces were to be seen mingling and meeting fans. With a heavy focus this year on e-sports, there were plenty of areas where fans could immerse themselves in gaming whether spectating or playing.


Whilst the event was overwhelmingly busy, there were tons of friendly faces excited to pose for the camera and show off their passion for cosplay. Take a look at some of the best costumes we saw over the weekend…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Words and photography by Ed Jacobs

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