When the lights go down, the fun begins – LOL Comedy club at Bournemouth Pavilion

We had arrived early to ensure we got a really good feel for the venue – we were somewhat wary at first. When you walk into the huge and daunting ballroom at the Bournemouth Pavilion, it is hard to imagine that this could transform into an intimate cauldron of comedy. But when the lights dim, the room seems to get smaller, and much more intimate.
The red lights set the scene and the MC took to the stage to warm up the timid crowd before introducing the first act. There was an intermission between each acts – 3 in total, and the crowd became well oiled, warmed up and ended up in a crescendo of hysterical laughter.

The lineup was pure quality from start to finish – culminating in a mesmerising repertoire which bordered on the outrageous by Seymour Mace. The show was emblematic of the consistently top notch lineups from this genuine jewel in Bournemouth and the South’s entertainment crown.
This monthly event (there are two shows in December) really is the pinnacle of the Bournemouth entertainment calendar. Rarely is such talent combined and presented with such understated panache. I highly recommend you get your tickets booked in ASAP – such comedy gold is rare to find so well presented outside of London.

Tickets can be purchased via the BIC website. Don’t miss out!

Words by Ryan Thirlwell

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