A Street Cat Named Bob – film review


Following the popular book by James Bowen, the motion picture release of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ could only work wonders for such a heart felt story. I wasn’t wrong. The film captured James and Bob’s tale in a truly captivating way.

The story follows street busker James (Luke Treadaway) and his struggle with homelessness and drug addiction. He turns his life around when he finds a ginger street cat who he names Bob, and he reminds him what love, hope and friendship is and gives him a reason for being once again.

Although the story wasn’t exactly identical to the book, Bob did play himself and the author had a cameo (of course). Luke Treadaway did a great job of portraying James’s struggles and narrating the film. This I felt brought it all together for a bittersweet and tear jerking story.

The film pulls on your heart strings and takes you on a roller coaster of emotion as James goes from busker to Big Issue seller, falls in love, combats his addiction, rebuilds broken relationships and becomes a successful writer who completely turns his life around.
I laughed, smiled and shed a tear for James and Bob, and left the cinema inspired. I have a lot of respect for James sharing his story and defeating his inner demons.

I would highly recommend A Street Cat Named Bob, but don’t forget you tissues!

Words by Michelle Stannard

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