Blood and horror hits the Lighthouse on Friday 13th


Zombies, clowns and grimacing frowns, hit the Lighthouse on Friday 13th in the form of The Circus of Horrors.

The scene was set as Dok Haze told the dark and eerie tale of a nightmare worthy show. Smoke and darkness covered the stage, and it was like stepping straight out of a Stephen King novel. Inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Exorcist, it definitely isn’t a show for the faint-hearted!

Haze makes his shows terrifying yet enjoyable at the same time, and this show was definitely no exception. This year Haze had a co-star in the form of Maria Morose to set the stage on fire with rock and roll and a bit of deadly glamour. Her voice complimented Haze’s rasp a treat, hitting the shrill notes and blowing the roof right off.

I especially have shed loads of respect for the band, The Interceptors From Hell. They shredded the show to pieces with their brain exploding riffs and some mental drum action. Not forgetting the fire of course, making their performances as hot as hell!

The show returned with an insane combination of old and new horrors, to scare the life out of their audience. Some of my favourites include:

Hannibal Hellmurto – the psychedelic punk sword eater. His act never fails to make me wince as he swallows sword after sword.

The Voodoo Warriors – they’re strong, fierce and hypnotising to watch, especially their fire limbo and fire flip skipping.

Anastasia IV – she’s fiesty, and has the strongest ponytail I’ve ever seen! Her act stole the show for me. She’s not just any aerial act, but an artist with an act that will have you clinging from your seat, or hair in her case!

Amanda Gisella – caused the audience to go deadly silent as she performed her wince-worthy twisted contortion to balance on her teeth, and pick up a glass in an unforgettable fashion.

Then came the one thing that scares the living daylights out of me, clowns. And not just any clowns, but ones that crawl over your seat and sneer with their sharp nightmarish teeth straight into your face.  My heart nearly jumped into my mouth. Fitting for the ‘Never-Ending Nightmare’ that The Circus of Horrors brings.

The show is fright-tastic and it’s definitely worth the experience. Join the nightmare now and they’ll bring tears, fears, rock and roll into your world.

Words by Michelle Stannard


  1. Once you have seen these guys u will be hooked, they are like a disease. Once got never ever forgotten. They leave u begging for more and more. It’s been my 6 time now I have seen these. And I still want more. Each year they downy better than before. Which is impossible as u would think that couldn’t happen but it does. WELL DONE GIRLS &BOYS

    • It sounds like you enjoyed the show as much as our reviewer. It’s good to see so much support and love for these guys. Let’s hope the show’s even bigger, even darker and even more rock and roll next year 🙂

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