Swan Lake at the Lighthouse

Swan Lake.jpg

When the Saint Petersburg Classic Ballet came to town, the magic of Russian ballet came with it.

As the oboe soars through the first few bars of the main theme, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake never fails to stir the emotions. Marina Medvetskaya’s rendition achieves just that, and the fairy tale is as magical as ever.

Possibly down to the limitations of touring theatre, it’s a shame that the set is a little unadventurous, missing the opportunity for creating a more mystical atmosphere. Aside from that, the ballet is faultless.

Prima Ballerina Natalia Romanova not only dances to perfection, she fills each movement with meaning, beautifully demonstrating the emotions of a woman who is trapped in the form of a swan. A string of seemingly never ending pirouettes shows off her skill fully. She switches from the softness of Odette, to the energy and ferocity of Odile, a role where she really shines and brings ballet to life.

The Court Jester adds another element to the show, bringing a vivacious energy that contrasts against the grace of the other dancers. The evil magician Rothbart sends chills through the audience, as he guards the swans with powerful movements and an imposing black feathered costume.

The dance of the cygnets is elegant and heart-warming, just as the moments between Prince Siegfried and Odette are tender. Always in sync, always complimenting each other, the ensemble work together brilliantly.

Swan Lake is a show for those who love ballet, and for those who don’t know they love ballet. Just take my advice and read the plot in the programme first.

Words by Katie Dancey

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