Barely Methodical Troupe – Kin – Poole Lighthouse




If you’re a fan of all things quirky and a little different then Barely Methodical Troupe’s ‘Kin’ will tickle your fancy!

The award winning troupe combines acrobatics, parkour, b-boying and contemporary dance to a create a show like no other.

Kin not just tells a rather entertaining story but also allows each of the dancers to showcase their personalities and skill to ultimately make for a witty, interesting and skill-filled show. Overall the show will leave you laughing, smiling and oooh-ing at the level of skill presented.

The show is set-up in the style of a TV inspired talent show. Five men fight to impress a female who is watching their every move. They stumble on their words as they try to explain why she should pick them whilst performing dance, acrobatics and parkour to get more points.


I laughed a fair amount and had my breathe taken away by some of the stunning moves performed. Each male performer had their own strengths which lead to a highly entertaining and engaging show.

I especially loved when one of the performers did a piece on a giant hoop. It was graceful, strong and captivating. Then there was a part of the show when the troupe setup a board of wood and performed an impressive array of flips, jumps and balance.

From the off I was hooked, and the female dancer added power, emotion and grace to the show. Like all shows, it had to end but the twist which saw the young men swapping places with the female performer added a nice touch to end the show. This polished show left me wanting more!

Words by Michelle Stannard


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