Nordic Giants perform at Talking Heads, Southampton


Well what can I say, three immersive bands that were spectacular on this Halloween night. We waited in anticipation and we went in with a fresh expectation. The night started off with VLMV, a two-piece band. Whilst people were still trickling in they began their set with smooth and delicate guitar work and instantly you were drawn into their beautiful musicianship. The main singer had such a haunting and smooth voice. His voice carried his emotion in all of his words and the lighting work complimented the experience you felt in the room.


At this point people literally stopped in their tracks and paid attention, pushing forward as soon the music started. I was immediately impressed in their timing and presence when using their loop pedals. His vocal had such a lovely and rare quality, where you felt his pain and felt every emotion.  They almost make it look effortless when they perform. The fluency of their music transitioned with ease, making you instantly want to relax. This band are a gem and I am now a converted fan. They really are amazing, to say the least when giving such an intimate performance.

The second act, P.G Lost was extremely different to the first and they definitely had a heavier influence. They included synths and were a four-piece band from Sweden. Again this was another surprise for me as I had no prior expectation. What a stage presence they had, and they definitely did their best with the crowd to get them more involved. The lighting was an array of colour, matching the tempo of their music. There were no vocals involved but their use of synths carried it forward.

PG Lost

The heavy guitar and booming bass definitely hit you with a wave of sound compared to the last band. They were definitely more of a heavy rock and electronic band, but they still had a smooth and alluring vibe that you could still lose yourself to. Once things started hitting off there was a development of dynamics to a heavier and more in-your-face music which was sick. They were really well received by the audience and even cracked a few jokes here and there. Their timing was perfect and I was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s techniques. It was definitely a performance that I will remember.

PG Lost

Finally I have come to the main act, Nordic giants. Waiting during the interlude while set up was happening, an influx of people filled the gig pushing us forward to centre right, and finally filling up the venue. They were setting up a screen and projector as part of the performance, which added to the mystery of this band. When they finally came on, they had very interesting Nordic Viking outfits that were covered in feathers. They were very well composed but also had an essence of intimidation. The double act was shrouded in darkness and smoke. One performer was on the drums, one was on the piano and there was also a guitar set up for the drummer.

Nordic Giants

Suddenly the screen lit up with a heavy bass influence and a speech to progress into the performance. It definitely felt like I had just jumped into a movie. They had thought-provoking audio tracks that made you think about life, social standards as a whole and how we treat others. They definitely knew how to create an atmosphere and engage their audience. The lighting kept in contrast with their sense of mystery. The masked duo were absolutely killing it.

Nordic Giants

Their timing, dynamics and their artistry was all perfect. Added with the journey, the animation was taking us on what felt like entering a new world. They incorporated heavy drums with beautiful piano, varying from soft to harder levels to really get the crowd going. They didn’t even need to talk because their music and videography did all the talking for them. All in all the night was a fantastic one with fantastic bands. I highly recommend you check these guys out and immerse yourself in their utterly brilliant music.

Words by Lindsay Boxall and photography by Scott Brady

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