Bluebird Tea Co – it’s all about the tea

Front of the shop in London

Tea! It’s a well-known British stereotype that Brits drink tea, and a lot of it. For a lot of the British population it is true and they are more than happy to fulfill such a reputation. In fact, according to the ‘Beverage Standard Association’ it is estimated that within the UK, 165 million cups of tea are drunk every day. I myself drink about six of those, at least.

Tea has always been part of my daily routine and over the years my interest in different flavours of tea has grown. I now have a generous collection of tea at home, from a wide range of brands. However, the one that has always stood out for me was a brand that I discovered around two years ago whilst I was walking through the streets of Brighton.

The perfect meal in tea form

Bluebird Tea Co was set up after Mike and Krisi (founders of Bluebird Tea Co) came back to the UK from an inspirational stay in Canada. They started creating new blends of tea in essentially their bedroom and started selling them on market stalls in their local area. After receiving more and more positive feedback, in April 2014 they opened their first shop in Brighton.

But why is it so unique? Well for me, it was the first day I walked into their Brighton store. To my amazement I spotted… Apple pie tea…. And rhubarb and custard tea… and is that…? no…. surely not… Birthday cake tea? I remember, on my train journey back to London, opening the packets and just smelling them time and time again. I was being taken back to old memories of going into sweet shops and eating cake at children’s birthday parties, and yet what I was smelling was tea.

Since that wonderful day of discovery, every time I was in Brighton, I have never missed an opportunity to visit Bluebird Tea Co. I’d buy as much tea as I could possibly justify and usually failed to ration until my next trip. I often use their delightfully wonderful unique flavours as a conversation starter for any guest that walks through my door;

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Yes please, What kinds do you have?”

“Well…Since you asked….”

So, you can imagine my face, high pitch squeal and rapid heart beat when I received a Bluebird Tea Co mailing list e-mail about the Launch Event of their new store opening in Camden Passage, London. I was ecstatic. In fact they’ve opened up 4 new stores after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Tea fit for Father Christmas

The launch event was everything I hoped it to be, tea, tea and more tea. All of their teas were displayed beautifully and I was welcomed into the shop by kind, passionate staff and the smell of flavoured tea. There was an awesome cocktail menu, it’s the first time I had tea (in particular strawberry lemonade tea) with Vodka, saying that, I shouldn’t be surprised they are professional tea mixologists for a reason.

The evening was filled with tea-tasting and smelling, a chance to try out screen printing and the opportunity to create our own blend of tea. It was also a great opportunity to see this years Christmas stock including Christmas-themed tea, tea-themed Christmas decorations and a tea advent calendar.

I honestly can’t recommend this company enough, it’s not the cheapest place to buy your tea for sure but it’s not ridiculously over-priced either in my opinion. It’s a perfect place to get that unique gift for your tea-loving friend or relative and it’s a great way to treat yourself by having some special flavoured tea in your cupboard at home for your guests.

My only warning and mild criticism is that not all the teas are vegan friendly and some are not vegetarian as they contain marshmallows with gelatine in them. Which isn’t something I’d normally associate with tea. However it is clear they are working hard to create vegetarian/vegan versions of all the tea.

One thing that really struck me throughout the evening was when I was talking to any member of staff. I really felt the true passion they clearly have for tea, and their ultimate mission to spread happiness one cup at a time.

You can find out more about the Bluebird Tea Co’s tasty tea on their website.

Words and photography by Emily

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