The Curse Of The Voodoo Haunts Poole

Circus of Horrors - Pic from Bournemouth Echo
Pic courtesy of Bournemouth Echo

The Circus of Horrors returned to Poole last week with their latest show, Voodoo. In the typical style of their shows prior to this one, Doc Haze brought the ‘Horror’ to Poole Lighthouse’s stage. This year’s show promised Doc ‘n’ roll (pun intended), teeth gritting/death defying performances and of course gore (and plenty of it).

The show sees a ‘Voodoo’ curse awoken by a Ouija board. Creatures of the night roam the room and the Doc’s freaks work their dark arts. The animation and stage special effects never seize to blow me away, and this year’s show was no exception.

Many of the well-loved acts have stayed the same for this show, but there are a few changes. We’ve said goodbye to Relik the Clown and welcomed the Devil in his place. I was very happy to see him and his brilliant personality still playing a big part in the show. Voodoo also sees Captain Dan and his hoover gone (which I’m not too sad about) and replaced with the slightly more likeable, sleazy and hilarious Mongolian Laughing Boy.

The show also welcomed The Ravishing Raspuns, a husband and wife strongman, arrow and knife welding duo who’s act went down a treat to a very full house.

Returning for the show were many of the much-loved acts that always get a rise from the audience. Anastacia IV brought her teeth clenching hair aerial act, The Voodoo Acrobats set the stage on fire with their bone rattling acrobatics, Hannibal Hellmurlo caused a stir with his sword swallowing and The Sinister Sisters sent fear down spines with their high hanging performance (and no, they were not wearing a harness *shocked emoji*).

The Laughing Boy also deserves an additional mention, as I think he is the most insane guy that I have ever watched perform. If you don’t like needles or holes being made in flesh then look away for this act. I take my hat off to this insane human being, for firstly not killing himself and secondly for having the balls to perform this act.

Of course no show would be complete without its rocking soundtrack. Live band, The Deadly Sins did a smoking job of giving the show its dark and tantalising tone.

Although not like a traditional circus, The Circus of Horrors always guarantees a unique experience of a show. I have been hooked since I first saw their show 3-4 years ago and I highly recommend getting tickets to see it at least once in your lifetime. I can’t wait to see what Doc Haze has up his blood-stained sleeves for the next time around!

Words by Michelle Stannard


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