Trans Pride Brighton – flying the flag of acceptance

Photo by Kate Sutton (all rights reserved) who took some awesome photos of the parade!

As a fellow member of the LGBT+ community, I felt it was only right that I diversified myself some more. Having recently joined the Brighton & Hove LGBT Geeks, I learnt lots about Trans Pride Brighton by the amazing group of friends who are part of the LGBT Geeks (I won’t name drop but they know who they are).

I’ve never really felt like I’ve fit in properly when attending the wide array of LGBT+ events throughout my time on the earth. So, I had nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain by checking out Trans Pride Brighton.

Sadly I missed the March but it sounded like it was amazing and had an overwhelmingly impressive turnout.

However, I did make the park and I was not disappointed. As a bit of an anxious wreck, I braved it alone and it absolutely empowered me!

The event had a selection of stands, from the emergency services all the way through to support lines, a bar, cake and of course…a stage packed with entertainment!

Immediately once entering the park I didn’t feel so anxious and bumped into my friend Steph who absolutely made me feel welcome. After taking in the atmosphere and bobbing around a few stalls, I found I was met with smiles, welcoming hellos and warm conversation. It warmed my soul and I felt like I could be me!

All in all, Trans Pride Brighton delivered more than just a festival but a family feeling where all were welcome. I’ll definitely be going back next year, that’s for sure!

Words by Michelle Stannard

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