Seven Deadly Swords – Book Tour


Seven Deadly Swords by Peter Sutton pulls you into the story from the go by taking you through three centuries, telling three people’s stories and delving into the link between them all, an ancient curse and seven deadly swords.

Reymond gets recruited and goes to fight for the Crusades in 1097, In 1982 ex-soldier Fisher is rescued from a shooter called Patience who carries a sword, and in 2012 Mari’s father is missing and she’s faced with debt collectors at her door and no choice but to go with them.

The beauty of this story is that it’s raw and it jumps through time effortlessly bringing three very different character’s stories together but without losing the reader along the way. Straight off the mark, it is soon obvious that the main protagonist is Reymond, Mari is the attitude and Fisher is the Robin to this tale.

Seven Deadly Swords has magic, mystery and three very unique but fascinating characters at the centre of this whirlwind of an adventure.


As the blurb says…

For every sin, a sword

For every sword, a curse

For every curse, a death


This is definitely a book worthy of a read, and you’re guaranteed to be drawn in from the go. To Buy Seven Deadly Swords on Amazon click here.

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