Krater Comedy Club – A treat to tickle your taste buds and your funny bone

Reservation for table

I’ve always been a fan of comedy, and love Komedia as a venue, so when the chance to have my taste buds tickled and get my funny bone rattled, I’d have missed out if I hadn’t gone along.

Joined by my fellow writer, Ruth, we headed to the Komedia. We were met by some super friendly staff at the door who showed us to our table, where a candle was kept company by a reserved sign with my name on it. This was such a nice touch to our evening. We felt like VIPs.

After grabbing a drink from the bar, and giving the staff a heads up on being ready for our food (we had pre-ordered), we got settled in for the evening. Komedia recently welcomed a brand new head chef to their fold, Matt Powers, and we were about to taste his hot new menu. The great thing that they do for Krater Comedy Club is offer food and comedy bundles, which is a great idea for the perfect night out.

Jerked Chicken

The food arrived at practically lightning speed and it looked and smelt amazing. I had Andy’s Jerk Chicken served with coleslaw, sweet potato fries and a spring onion and lime garnish. Ruth had the BBQ Pulled Pork served in a sour dough bun with coleslaw and skin on garlic and rosemary fries. Of course as the reviewer, it was vital that I sampled some of each!

If you’re a fan of spicy food, then the Jerk Chicken will be right up your street. You get a really reasonable amount of chicken smothered in a super tasty sauce, which started off mild and built to a nice heat. The sweet potato fries complimented the heat and helped to cool my mouth down. The coleslaw was the creamy, fresh and tasted handmade, and was super moreish! Now for the BBQ Pulled Pork. It was super sweet, and the sour dough bun helped to balance the flavours out. The garlic and rosemary fries added the perfect accompaniment to the dish. I would definitely recommend the menu, which also offers vegan options! With our bellies fed and our glasses full, we were ready for some laughter!

Pulled Pork

The compare for the evening was Stephen Grant, who was really funny. His interaction with the audience was hilarious, especially towards young Barbara at the front! He went on to talk about old names that seem to be dying out, except for Barbara of course, she was in her 20s. Then it was the turn of Mr Southern Rail, an audience member who worked for them, and he let rip, because the future is robotic right? I chuckled hard!

Emmanuel Sonubi

The first comic of the night was North London’s ex bouncer Emmanuel Sonubi, who was built like a wrestler and super intensely funny! He rolled out stories about his son being upgrading from a cot to a bed, and his demon child antics, new London slang used in the wrong context ‘banging gym’ and ‘wetting you up’ and his war with skinny jeans. I laughed so much my face hurt! I’d actually love to see Emmanuel live again soon!

Next up was Luke Stephen, who was super relatable as a single 30 year old with all of this friends married with kids. He was a different kind of fun. His humour was a bit more of an awkward style but who wouldn’t sound awkward after getting the wrong end of the stick with ‘family play’. He kept it very real with jokes about Superdrug meal deals and kicking up a stink over his 2p change when buying cotton buds.

Then was one of my favourites from the evening, Victor Patrasan. He was a Romanian comedian who was very clever and current with his comedy. He especially made lots of funny remarks about his heritage and what Brexit will mean for him. I easily found him the most side-splitting of the show! My highlights were his quotes about learning his English from Scooby Do, and his killer Borat quote that made me almost die (in a good way of course).
The final comedian of the night was Charlie Baker, who reminded me a bit of Alex Brooker. A combination of his awful taste in shirts, his Devonshire accent (which meant for many a joke about being asked for tide times and directions) and his super cringe worthy moment he realised that a local gig in Devon actually did have the real Public Enemy performing and DJ 1AM (not DJ Ian). I laughed out loud, because let’s face it, we’ve all been there right?

After such an immense evening, I would like to continue to experience more that Komedia has to offer, and there definitely is a lot going on, and sample more of their tasty menu. Until next time, go to Komedia, eat, laugh and be merry!

To find out more about what’s on at Komedia visit their website here, or book a last minute Valentine’s comedy treat. Find out more here and get booking before they sell out!


Word by Michelle Stannard

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