Five Nostalgic Activities That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Universal Children's Day
We’d all like to be Peter Pan and never grow up, so to celebrate Universal Children’s Day, November 20, we’ve put together a list of childhood activities with twists that make them even more fun as adults!

1. Dive into a ball pool

Remember the joy of jumping into a ball pool? Ballie Ballerson, who have two locations in Shoreditch and Soho, offer you the chance to relive the fun with their giant ball pool bars. Enjoy wading through the ball pit and make your way to the bar, where a host of nostalgic cocktails await you, like the Hubba Hubba Bubba.

2. Show off your skills at crazy golf

See if your putting skills are above par at the Junkyard Golf Club, who’ve added a quirky twist to on of our favourite childhood memories. With locations in Manchester, Leeds, London and Oxford the Junkyard Golf Club offers a range of golf courses littered with with weird and wonderful themed holes including a hall of mirrors, pirate speedboats and a UV garage room!

3. Take on an inflatable obstacle course

Miss the days of happily bouncing on a bouncy castle? Try out an inflatable obstacle course, like The Monster. Nicknamed ‘The Ultimate Party Playground’, The Monster challenges you to bounce your way through numerous obstacles – with the guarantee of an alcoholic treat at the end if you fancy it!

4. Get competitive at a game cafe

Find yourself a cosy table at a game cafe, like Bean Gaming in Leicester, and challenge your friends to a game-athon. On the menu are more board, card and tabletop games than your inner child could dream of! Tables are usually rented by the hour with an unlimited supply of games and fun.

5. Visit The Toy Shop Bar

If a visit to the toy shop was the highlight of your childhood, you’ll love London-based The Toy Shop Bar. The bar’s theme is, yep you guessed it, a toy shop – right down to the lego mugs. Play ping pong and roll the dice to find out which cocktail you’ll be sipping. The menu includes Ralph the Robot, Revenge of the Gingerbread Man and Jim Jam’s Dodgy Bash.

Universal Children’s Day

First established in 1954, Universal Children’s Day is held on 20th November every year and promotes international togetherness for children and raising awareness of improving the welfare of children across the world. This year’s Universal Children’s Day celebration, marks the 30th anniversary of the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the Convention of Rights of the Child.

Words by Rhiannon Everton

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