History Of Alt Ent

History Of The Alt Entertainer

Our Editor Michelle set up The Alt Entertainer in 2012 during a spell of bad health. It was her passion for writing that helped to improve her health. On her mission to discover the unexplored alternative and quirky London, Michelle got to work posting reviews of the things she loved.

When she was over the worst of her illness, Michelle decided to recruit some help of some like-minded creatives with an interest in journalism. Since then The Alt Entertainer has continued to expand in both readership and team size. 

Once we had a niche, we just kept on growing! This has lead us to build a wider audience and allowed The Alt Entertainer to be enjoyed in many countries including America, the U.K. and Japan.

In 2013 Michelle moved to Dorset where she has continued to recruit more volunteers, from all over the UK (and now even the US too).

Now that the wheels are spinning, we’re aiming to continue helping creatives to develop their passions, as well as spreading The Alt Entertainer love all around the world!

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